How do you know if your computer’s hard drive is corrupted?

computer's hard drive
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A computer’s Hard drive is an important device for storing data in a computer. This device has the same lifespan as any electronic device. However, longevity also depends on temperature fluctuations, humidity, and various external conditions. After a certain period of use, the computer’s hard drive is damaged. So be aware in advance that the device is damaged so that important files are not lost. There are several symptoms of computer hard drive damage. If the same sound is heard over and over again from the computer’s hard drive, or if there is a rustling sound or something like powdering, then the life of the computer’s hard drive is almost at an end. The recurrence of the word is called ‘click of death’. This word is made during the process of writing something or correcting an error. If the speed is relatively low when opening a software or folder or the computer hangs, in addition to showing the ‘Blue Screen of Death’, the life of the computer’s hard drive is coming to an end.

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You may not see such problems all the time; But if you see such problems while installing Windows Safe Mode or a new installation, you will understand that your PC’s hard drive is not working properly.

Many times no file is opened and the file disappears or the file is corrupted without any reason is a pre-symptom of hard drive or hard disk damage.

If you see too much hard disk bad sector, you will understand that the condition of hard drive is deplorable. Bad sectors are defective areas of the hard drive, areas that do not respond to requests to read or write data.


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