What you [Husbands] should never say to your wife?

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After marriage, the lifestyle of boys also changes. There is tension at the speed of the familiar table. It’s like a new life in the old world. After getting married to a bachelor there are many habits that need to be abandoned. It strengthens his understanding of his wife. It is easy to keep a new family full of love. Things that a husband should never do with his wife are:

1. Do not follow your wife all the time. Love him without blaming him for no reason.

2. If your wife is a housewife, don’t underestimate her work. Maybe you are returning from office or business, he is also handling various household chores all day long. His work cannot be underestimated in line with his own work.

3. Get yourself out of regular extra work. Live life with a beautiful balance between family and work.

4. Back home you probably sat down to watch TV. If the wife says something to you, listen carefully. Your wife may be in a bad mood if she answers ‘yes’ while watching TV. Listen to him first, then watch TV.

5. You can’t stop your wife’s words in the middle and say ‘I understand’. Instead, listen carefully to what he says, then speak for yourself.

6. Don’t try to study, behave or discipline with your children all of a sudden. Instead, teach him little by little every day from an early age.

7. Don’t try to imply that you are the master at home. On the contrary, do not forget that it is the opinion of both husband and wife that makes a family happy.

8. Remove eyes from mobile phone or book page. Look at the wife before going to sleep. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Express your emotions. Understand him too.

9. If the wife makes a mistake, do not talk about it in front of the children or outside people. Call and talk alone, so that he does not feel insulted.

10. Remove the word ‘divorce’ from your dictionary.

11. Talk to your wife before buying anything bigger or more expensive. Don’t buy into your decision without telling anything.

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12. If any beauty suddenly passes by, don’t look at it with a yes. If the eyes go away, do not try to hide from your wife if you are with her, do not try to see her a second time at the same time.

13. If the wife annoys you, then do not show anger and keep quiet. Multiply by 10 in mind. When anger subsides then discuss.

14. Stop showing your anger or strength to scare your wife or children. This can lead to the opposite.

15. You have more knowledge than your wife, get rid of this worry. The more you know, the more knowledgeable your wife may be. So it is not right to think of yourself as the best.

16. Stop spending time alone with anyone other than your wife or a woman nearby. Refrain from even discussing a particular subject with someone you are supposed to discuss with your wife.

17. Know your wife’s skills by yourself. Many times minor problems can be avoided by the wife, your asking will give her strength.

18. After marriage you are committed to one. So it is your moral duty to avoid secret love or physical relations with other girls.

19. Don’t search for old lover on Facebook. Give him the habit of stocking up.

20. Don’t underestimate your wife in front of friends. Avoid the habit of talking about something.

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