Keep blood pressure under control, live longer

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High blood pressure is called the silent killer. Because, it very quietly nests in the human body. I want awareness for this. World Hypertension Day is observed on October 16 to raise awareness about high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is usually of two types. Primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. No specific cause of primary hypertension is known. This type of high blood pressure is more common in older people. However, secondary hypertension increases health risks. There are many reasons for this. Such as hereditary. If the parents have high blood pressure, then the child is also at risk of getting this disease. Smoking and drug addiction are also the causes. That is why smoking must be avoided. Even smokers should stay away from contact. Tobacco leaves, jordan, rose planting etc. should be avoided.

Eating too much salt or eating extra salty foods. Eating more fast food, salty fish, dried fish, etc. can cause this disease. Body weight can be increased if you do not do enough physical work, exercise and physical work. It can cause high blood pressure. Excess fat also increases weight. Meat, butter and deep-fried foods also cause high blood pressure. Another major cause is cholesterol. Egg yolk, liver, kidneys, brain play these increase cholesterol in the blood. In addition, excessive anger, excitement, fear and prolonged stress can lead to high blood pressure. Some diseases can also cause high blood pressure. Such as diabetes, kidney disease, etc.

Which includes lifestyle changes. It goes without saying that there is no alternative to reducing the risk of high blood pressure. Especially those who have hereditary high blood pressure. Weight control is an important issue. Weight gain will not be allowed. Eating should be controlled and regular exercise should be done. There should be caution in taking food every day. Eat low fat and low cholesterol foods. They also suggest finishing cooking with less oil. Said, it is better to take more fibrous food. Must walk at least five days a week. If possible, run, light exercise, use the stairs without getting on the elevator. Stress must be controlled to control high blood pressure. Must be cheerful and cheerful.


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