How to increase immunity?

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We all have more or less immune system. Which tends to decrease with age. As we age, our bodies become malnourished. Due to which older people are more likely to be affected by the disease. However, children and young people sometimes have less ability to resist the disease. The immune system is very important for health. If you do not have enough energy to prevent the disease, you can be afflicted with any disease. Infection with viral bacteria is also more common then. When there is a deficiency in the immune system, people suffer from the disease throughout the year. Lack of adequate energy can also interfere with daily activities. For various reasons, our body’s strength or ability to resist disease may be reduced. Then various deficiencies appear in the body. However, if you change your eating habits and do physical work, this deficiency can be filled. But first we need to know why our immune system is weakened. Let’s not know why there is a deficiency in the immune system!


Ways to reduce and increase immunity

Why is the immune system reduced?

1) Excess sugar or sweet foods reduce your ability to resist disease very quickly. Outdoor soft drinks, tomato sauce, etc. contain a lot of sugar. So these should be removed from the food list.

2) Excessive stress or anxiety takes away your ability to resist disease very badly. So do not harm the body by excessive tension

3) Excessive work is never good for health. Excessive work stress breaks you down emotionally. As a result, you soon lose the ability to resist disease.

How to increase immunity?

There are many other reasons why our body’s ability to resist disease can be reduced. Whatever the reason, a few small changes will be enough for us to boost our immune system. So let’s find out what we can do to improve our immune system.

1) Protein

It is very important to take protein. Protein fills our body with various deficiencies. There is no pair of proteins to deal with various diseases. Protein is also very effective in increasing the internal energy of the body. It is important to get high quality protein to prevent disease, virus and bacterial infections. Eggs, chicken, seafood, spinach and various types of pulses contain good quality protein. So keep plenty of protein in your daily diet.

2) Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is very effective in boosting the body’s immune system. It is a micronutrient that is very important for the human body. Which helps to strengthen the gums of our teeth, brighten the skin and grow hair. Vitamin C is rich in anti-oxidants. Which helps to remove wrinkles on the skin and hide the impression of age. It also helps to fight diseases like cancer, heart disease, kidney, high blood pressure and diabetes. As a result of some native you can get vitamin C very easily. Such as- mango, guava, grapefruit, mango, plum, batabi lemon and orange etc. Green leafy vegetables such as raw papaya, green chilies, spinach and spinach also contain a lot of vitamin C.

3) Zinc

Zinc helps to increase the capacity of white blood cells. Decreased ability of white blood cells disrupts the body’s immune system. Zinc deficiency is met by including wood nuts, peanuts, cashew nuts, bean sprouts, milk, butter and cheese in the daily diet.

4) Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is very effective in getting rid of the disease quickly. In addition, it helps to increase immunity. Dairy foods and egg yolks are rich in vitamin B-12.

5) Exercise

The immune system is also boosted by a little exercise, yoga and meditation at home. If you can’t exercise, try walking for 40-45 minutes every day. This will also increase your ability to resist disease. Because this little exercise every day keeps your body’s ability to circulate blood active. Which is quite helpful in increasing the resistance to disease.

Moreover, regular nutritious food, moderate sleep will bring you peace of mind.

Remember to be happy is very important to stay healthy. So eat a balanced diet and avoid stress to boost your body’s immune system and keep away pests, viruses and bacterial infections.


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