Misconceptions about women’s cancer

women's cancer
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women’s cancer is caught suddenly, not understood in advance. This idea is also wrong. With proper screening, the disease can be detected before the cancer.

There are many misconceptions about cancer in women. Due to this, their cancer was detected late. Here are some common misconceptions:

● Many people think that breast cancer can be inherited only from the mother’s relatives or from the mother-aunt-grandmother. This idea is not correct at all. From the father’s side, the disease women’s cancer can be passed down from generation to generation.

●Another common belief is that men do not get breast cancer. This is also a misconception. And if a man in a family has a history of cancer, then the girls in that family are also at risk. Researchers believe that genetic defects cause breast cancer in boys. That hereditary defect may be present in the members of the next generation.

●Not only breast cancer, women can also inherit ovarian or ovarian cancer. But many people think that ovarian cancer is not inherited.

● There is no chance to think that if one breast gets cancer, the other breast will not get the disease. Rather, we have to be careful about the opposite. Therefore, if you have breast cancer, you must follow up after recovering from the treatment.

●Before having a mammogram for screening, make sure you have a fetus. Let your doctor know when your period is safe for you. It is important to know that pregnant women can also get women’s cancer. However, due to the change in the shape of the breast at this time, it is difficult to diagnose breast cancer. So awareness is definitely needed during pregnancy. And if any change in the breast seems suspicious at this time, examination and action should be taken on the advice of the doctor. The doctor may ask for a 3D mammogram if necessary. In this case, the risk of harm to the fetus is greatly reduced by testing with the necessary safety measures.

●However, not all cancers in women are familial or hereditary. Such as cervical cancer. This is mainly due to human papilloma virus infection. Many people think that cancer is a sudden onset, not a premonition. This idea is also wrong. With proper screening, the disease can be detected before or at the pre-cancer stage. For example, it is possible to get an early idea about cervical cancer through regular Pap smear tests. Nowadays, the risk of breast or ovarian cancer can also be determined through genetic testing.

Another common misconception is that women do not have other cancers. This idea is also wrong. Cancers that men get, such as lung or bowel cancers, can also happen to women. Therefore, in order to prevent cancer, we have to look at overall health.

Author: Associate Professor (Cancer Surgery), National Cancer Institute and Hospital

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